Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mr F. Lawson Whitlock

The photo below was published in The Emu, Volume 53 (1953), Plate 25, soon after his death at the age of 93, earlier in 1953.

F. Lawson Whitlock was the collector of the only clutch of Western Ground Parrot eggs to be taken from the wild (see previous posting). He described the search in the article (The Emu, Volume 13, 1914) which forms part of the first posting in the Western Ground Parrot History blog.

An extract: ......and was fortunate, after a long and weary search, in securing three fine and freshly laid eggs, from a nest sheltered as before by a prickly (?Hakea) bush. This was on 20th November - just a month later than the previous season. I flushed the female from this nest at a distance of about 10 feet away, and though I made several attempts to see her sitting on the eggs, I was unsuccessful in this respect.The eggs were well sheltered by the overhanging bush, and the nest was very neatly lined with fine dead grasses, the latter being arranged in a true circular manner. When flushed the female flew a short distance away and uttered no sound. I saw nothing of the male. As far as I can judge, he spends the day at some distance from the nest, lying concealed in the low thick scrub, from which he will not emerge until nearly trodden upon.....

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