Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Western Ground Parrot eggs

A clutch of three Western Ground Parrot (WGP)eggs was collected for H.L. White by F. Lawson Whitlock on 20 November 1913.

This was the first and only recorded clutch of WGP eggs found in the wild, indicating both the scarcity and cryptic habit of the species.

The images below were sourced from Museum Victoria where the extensive and valuable H.L. White collection of Australian bird eggs and skins is housed.

WGPs can no longer be found in the location from which these eggs were taken. 

Part of the first posting on this blog (Sat. August 10, 2013) "Finding Western Ground Parrot nests" is a copy of the article by F. Lawson Whitlock on his difficulties in finding these eggs, and it includes a photo of the nesting site.

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