Sunday, December 17, 2017

First Western Ground Parrot information brochure

Below is half of the first information brochure about the Western Ground Parrot which became available in early 2004. It was folded into three so that the front showed the central panel with the photo and the request 'Help find me'. That photo was one of only two coloured photos of a live bird that was available at the time! 

Much has changed in the 13 years since then regarding distribution so the map is inaccurate now. No Western Ground Parrots have been found at Waychinicup since 2004, and none has been found in Fitzgerald River National Park since 2012. The population number is still estimated at fewer than 200. Wildfire and predation are definitely serious threats - the word 'possibly' would not be used nowadays.

The tail feathers were painted from feathers found where a bird had been taken and plucked by a predator in Fitzgerald River National Park.