Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A good summary

This well-written  article is a precis of the situation in which the currently known habitat of the western ground parrot was close to being released for farming, an incompatible land use.

Due to difficulty in scanning a large page, the text has three missing pairs of lines, marked in pink. The missing words are below.

1. .....campaigners living in the area, the State government is poised to.......

2. .....species from the relatively plentiful eastern species and that.......

3. ......parrots. There has been only one sighting of a ground parrot in....

Letter to the editor

The letter below was helpful in raising awareness of the issue and it had some positive feedback.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Politicians expressed interest

Members of the newly elected State Government were prepared to investigate and to offer helpful advice. It was Minister for Works, Lands and Surveys who, a few weeks later, hours before the allocation of land, ordered a moratorium on the release of the land of the North Fitzgerald.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

First successful listening session

The first successful listening session was described in the posting dated January 25, 2014, (search word 'chocolate')

This entry is a copy of the notebook entry for that session. It looks rather amateurish which indeed it was, but some key information is recorded. Richard Jordan had said they would call between sunset and 30 minutes after. It was at this session that it was found that the ground parrots call later in the evening here. The need for a compass is foreshadowed.

Brenda Newbey travelled out to the site in the North Fitzgerald in her and Ken's Subaru planning to stay overnight so as to listen both evening and morning.

Additions to original notes are in itallics. 

Ground Parrot trip - solo


Drummond Track 13km from Old Ongerup Road

      Large patch of Dieback ca. 2km
      1 Emu, 1 brush (wallaby), 2 grey (kangaroos)

1.4 km S of first firebreak (right across - from a sign of ground parrot feeding on Daviesia pachyphylla)

Heard one at 5.50 pm.

Almost dark. 2 or 3 stars. (Venus +)

ca. 40 minutes after sunset. Cold strong wind.

      6.05 am
      6.10 am
      6.13 am
3 calls from similar direction (2 notated as rising calls of 14 notes)

Sunrise ca. 6.45 - too cloudy to see exactly. Intermittant showers. 

Others (birds) heard before sunrise

TCHE, NHHE, Calamanthus, Grey Butcherbird, RWB, Grey Currawong.