Monday, April 14, 2014

Report of Ground Parrot Survey in Western Australia 1984

  • Watkins, D. (1985). Report of the RAOU Ground Parrot Survey in Western Australia. RAOU Report No. 15.

  • The report was for the Western Australian Department of Conservation and Land Management and was published by the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union, Moonee Ponds, Victoria.

The report was produced in A4 format and was distributed to interested agencies and individuals. It is still available in six Australian libraries though not in digitized form. Brief extracts are below. It became evident that the range of the birds was shrinking and of the remaining birds, some were in land that was earmarked for release for farming (the north Fitzgerald). There appeared to be a habitat requirement regarding fire age.

It should be noted that this survey pre-dated GPS. Primitive personal computers were available but were not in widespread use: one of the acknowledgements is a thankyou for the use of a private word processor.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Ground Parrot Project 1984

Below is a report from the December 1984 issue of Western Australian Birdnotes, number 32. Doug Watkins, the Project Officer, had by then completed his field work for the first ever survey dedicated to finding out more about the distribution of Ground Parrots in Western Australia. 

A 1983 photo of potential Ground Parrot country near Bell Track, north of the then boundary of the Fitzgerald River National Park within a recently (in 1983) surveyed, but never released, farm block.