Monday, August 3, 2015

Western Ground Parrots in British Museum Catalogue 1891

The British Museum currently holds 26 adult Ground Parrot skins, 1 skull (from a skin), and 2 clutches of eggs. Most of these were collected in the 1800s and are listed in the catalogue produced in 1891. On the catalogue list below, only two entries are definitely Western Ground Parrots: the adult skin from Swan River and the nestlings from near Wanyan Hills.

Robert Prys-Jones, Head, Bird Group, Department of Life Sciences, Natural History Museum, Tring, U.K., provided the above information.

At the time of publication, the Ground Parrot had the scientific name: Pezoporus formosus, and is number 54 (1). A list of existing literature (pre-1891)is supplied, a description of the bird, and a list of the specimens then held by the museum.

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