Saturday, May 16, 2015

RAOU survey

Photo shows the RAOU campsite in the north Fitzgerald where the land-use was soon to be changed.. The goal was to survey for ground parrots  Listening took place on 30 September and 1 October 1983.

This event is described with additional detail in a previous posting dated 7 February 2014, entitled "Ground Parrot survey gets underway in the Fitzgerald". This current posting adds documents that were designed for the survey plus the photo and some results from surveying in that location.

Below is the information sheet prepared for the participants. The map shows the areas designated to be released for farming as well as sites where ground parrots had been recorded before. Only in 1983 had there been enough records to indicate that the birds were resident, and this was the area to be surveyed. Method of survey and how to distinguish a ground parrot are described.

The rope idea was tried but failed dismally due to the emergent mallees in the habitat here.

First data sheet. 

The site numbers are those shown on the data sheet above. We learnt how to survey using calls in 1983 thanks to Richard Jordan.

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