Friday, January 2, 2015

Conservation of the Ground Parrot in Western Australia 1992

 Shapelle McNee surveying plants in ground parrot habitat in the Fitzgerald River National Park after the December 1989 fire. Photo: Allan Burbidge,1990.

The paper below summarizes information to date (1992) on Western Australia's ground parrots. The paper is in 'Issues in the Conservation of Parrots in Australasia and Oceania: Challenges to Conservation Biology' (Ed. L.Joseph). (RAOU Report No. 83: 46-9.)

Note: Although in 1992, most of the known population of WA's ground parrots was in the Fitzgerald River National Park (FRNP), by the time this posting was prepared (January 2014), it is uncertain that any ground parrots remain in the FRNP. The total number of wild adult birds is currently given as 140, all in Cape Arid National Park. Fire management is essential for the survival of the species and a major challenge as their habitat is both fire-prone and remote.

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