Monday, May 19, 2014

How to catch a Ground Parrot?

In 1987, Dr Allan Burbidge, research scientist with the Department of Conservation and Land Management, together with technical officer Jim Rolfe, made a field trip to one of the sites where Ground Parrots were present in both of the previous studies (1984 Watkins and 1985/7 Chapman and Newbey). The site was in the area north of the then Fitzgerald River National Park. One objective was to ascertain that the birds were still there, and another was to trial a method of capture. 

The three photos below are by Allan Burbidge.

Above: An Elliot trap modified to catch birds. The trap is used in conjunction with a drift fence. This method had been successful for trapping another ground dweller, the Noisy Scrub Bird.

Below: A Ground Parrot was flushed from this point.

Below: a drift fence. Birds walking along would find traps (see above). However no Ground Parrots were caught this way.

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