Friday, March 14, 2014

Ground Parrot maps from Australian bird atlas 1984

In 1984, The Atlas of Australian Birds was published by Melbourne University Press. It had been prepared by the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union, under editors M. Blakers, S.J.J.F. Davies and P. Reilly and had been compiled from thousands of records from across Australia by many contributors over five years from 1977. The records are in a grid of 1 degree blocks. The record in Western Australia that appears to be in the sea, is within the block that includes Cape Arid National Park and also extends beyond the coast.

The first map shows the Ground Parrot records over those five years. It can be seen that there were no breeding records in Western Australia and a very sparse distribution of records of the bird's presence. 

Historic distribution, compiled from available records - from observer's notebooks, museum specimens, and published reports.

From Left to Right:    Before 1901;    1901-1950;    1951-1976

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