Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Western Ground Parrot records from 1842 to 1983

The list below was published as Appendix 2 in "RAOU Ground Parrot survey in Western Australia 1984" by Doug Watkins. RAOU Report no.15, 1985, Melbourne. 

Many of the Ground Parrot sightings north of the then Fitzgerald River National Park (FRNP)were by Ken Newbey. Ken did a lot of botanical survey in that area and sometimes a Ground Parrot would walk close to him as he sat quietly making notes about the vegetation. Ken also did a lot of botanical work in the FRNP. He came to the conclusion that Ground Parrots preferred the dense low and diverse heath under scattered mallee, a vegetation type that was more common north of the FRNP border. The photo of Ken was taken in 1986 by B. Newbey, on Mount Drummond in the FRNP.

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