Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ground Parrots west of Albany

All definitely known Western Ground Parrot locations over the past 30 years have been east of Albany. The following posting comprises an article about a sighting west of Albany in 1952, the first recorded sighting west of Albany since 1913.

The article is by J.W. Baggs. It was published in 1953 in the Western Australian Naturalist, Volume 3, page 198, and entitled 'Rediscovery of the Ground Parrot at Bow River'.

The map (oriented north/south on the page and at a scale of 1:1200) shows a small part of the south coast of Western Australia between Walpole and Denmark. Albany is further east than Denmark.

In 2011, three men saw what seemed to be a Ground Parrot not far from the location of Baggs' sighting. The story of their sighting is in the Friends of the Western Ground Parrot Newsupdate, January 2011. The sighting was followed up with several surveys, but despite several attempts, the bird was not relocated. The story of the initial sighting can be accessed in the newsletter archive at

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