Saturday, August 10, 2013

First colour photos of the Western Ground Parrot 1988

There were no colour photos of the Western Ground Parrot (WGP) prior to 1988. In fact there were no photos of WGPs at all, apart from one of nestlings and one of eggs taken by W.L. Whitlock in 1912 and 1913 respectively when he discovered nests. 
The birds in the photos above were captured in what was soon to become the northern part of the Fitzgerald River National Park, as part of the first attempt to study the habitat preferences of WGPs by radio-tracking. Each photo shows an adult bird (bright orange band above bill)The top image (head only), is by research scientist Allan Burbidge and the lower photo of a banded bird is by volunteer Kaye Vaux.   During the fieldwork for this project, between October and December 1988, thirteen WGPs were captured and released. After completion of the project, no additional photos of  live WGPs were taken until late 2004. 

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  1. I remember this well, radio beepers were glued to some birds backs with a short antennae. During the day we tracked them and tried to pin point the birds./ Just before dusk the nets were set and we waited ! Bingo we caught a few ! Gee can they ever bite! The big flying insects liked getting caught as well.

    I must find my photo of one in flight with a tracker on !

    What nice camp site ! : at the end of Short road! :)

    John Dart, Albany. WA.